hello i am carter but you can also call me carter

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take it all off



She’s actually the one who won the world cup.

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Ok Alright

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I didn't realize that you weren't wearing pants until that person mentioned it and now I'm blushing


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why does dating as a gay man have to be so fucking difficult? why cant i flirt with other guys or hit on them without fearing that im gonna get punched in the face or beaten? why is it just expected that everyone is straight? why cant i go to a book store or a coffee shop or a park and flirt with a random stranger and get their number like every straight person is able to do its just not fair

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You dont have to wear pants if you ask me

Thank you i will not



hello my firends

Put on pants

literally, no

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omg in that selfie i thought you were tyler aka worldpeaces



hello my firends

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idk why you get so many notes on your selfies. you are just another white boy with basic white people features

because i am really cute and amazing. two features u obviously lack

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The booty selfie that apparently has a lot of notes

it has 4k notes go find it ursrlf